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Unpleasantly Uncomfortable

Our bellybutton is a scar reminding usof the umbilical cord that once connected us with our mother. Everybellybutton is the unique and people often find them interesting and evenattractive. This has even lead to navel piercings, placing jewelrythrough this body part. However, sometimes, this interesting spot ofours may get infected due to various different factors. This state ofaffairs will result in various discharges coming out from ourbellybutton, often accompanied with pain, discomfort and a very foulodor. This condition may shed a different light upon our navel,causing us to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Thus, inorder not to experience bellybutton infections or knowing how tonotice them and stop them once they take place, read on.

Reasons Behind a Smelly Bellybutton

Taking into consideration that ourbellybutton is mostly exposed to a dark and moist environment,especially during warmer parts of the year when we sweat more andkeep our navel covered with clothes, it is not strange thatmicroorganisms like it. These conditions present excellent breedinggrounds for viruses, bacteria and fungi. Thus, they can easilyinhabit your bellybutton, if you are not taking good care of it.Bacteria, upon settling here, will consume your dead skin tissue,producing pus in return, causing infections to take place. This pushas a distinctively unpleasant smell, resulting in this condition.Fungi act similarly, having the same effect, when it comes to bothsmell and discharge.

Alternatively, you might have a cystdeveloped under your navel area, producing smelly discharge andcausing you fever along with pain. Also, poor hygiene may cause dirtto accumulate in the area, smelling terribly. Finally, all peoplewith navel piercings need to take good care of them and clean themregularly since any neglect may result in injury and infections. Itgoes without saying that odor will be present is both cases, alongwith possible swelling, yellow or even green discharge and pain.

Possible Treatments for SmellyBellybutton

Now that you are aware of the reasonsbehind it, you are to kill the microorganisms in order to stop thesmell and discharge from affecting your navel. You can use anyantiseptic topical creams for these purposes. However, just to besure, ask about its usability for navel area while you are purchasingthese. Additionally, wash the area with antibacterial soaps severaltimes a day, and keep it clean and disinfected at all times. Finally,salt water may be used for disinfection as well while ice or yogurtapplication will provide relief when it comes to swelling andirritation. If all else fails, seek medical assistance as soon aspossible.

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