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What triggers the stinky body odour?

The unpleasant smell of the body, or to be more exact, of someone’s sweat, is one of the most common disorders. Also, in the most of the cases that smell resembles the smell of the fuel and it is totally opposite to the fresh smell. The condition of the increased production of the sweat from the sweat glands is actually medically called the hyperhidrosis and it is very frequent disorder. It is not dangerous, nor very unhealthy, but it can be troublesome considering the aesthetics and embarrassment. Having in mind that the process of sweating is very normal and healthy mechanism of maintaining the normal temperature of the body, the key is, when the disorder of the increased secretion is concerned, only in decreasing the abnormal activity of the glands.

Hyperhidrosis is the permanent disorder, and it should be treated especially when the problem becomes more complicated by the accumulation of the bacteria on the surface of the skin which is, in fact, the direct provoker of the stench of the sweat. Additionally, it is important to mention that the areas which are most commonly affected by the abnormal discharge from the sweat glands are the armpits, the area between the legs, palms and feet.The treatment based on the natural and homemade remediesAnyway, another important fact about the treatment is that it is the wrong option to use the deodorants for curing this condition. And that is because, they do not only mask the problem, but they aggravate the condition by closing the sweat pores, thus curing the consequence and not the cause. The natural homemade remedies are much healthier solution although almost all of them are intended for the topical use, that is, for directly applying them onto the specific parts of the body, where the sweating is most prominent.

However, the most effective remedies for getting rid of the stinky sweat are based on the use of the baking soda. In the case of the smelly feet and the underarm area, the healthy habit of cleansing this areas more often, should be combined by simply putting on the baking soda powder over the affected areas. Also, for the best effect, the process of washing the underarm or feet areas should be enriched with adding alcohol, the vinegar based on alcohol, or the tincture based on rose into the bath. After washing the areas, it is recommendable to apply the talcum powder.

And, when it comes to the bodily odour, it is advisable to lower the acidity of the sweat by using the apple cider vinegar, the juice from tomato or turnip and sage (which are also rich in the antiseptic and antibacterial agents). As already described, baking soda is very beneficial and the paste could be also made from it, by adding the little bit of the juice from lemon to it. In order to make the natural antiperspirant and deodorant in one, it is good to add the oil from the tea tree to this paste. And, finally, it is also recommendable and beneficial to consume the sage tea, to wear the clothes made from the natural fabrics and to improve the metabolism.

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