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About the unpleasant smell of the feet

The stench which could be sensed from someone’s feet is among the most embarrassing troubles that could happen to an individual. When it is permanent and when someone is more prone to the increased secretion from the sweat glands, that could interfere to the normal social life of the affected individual.

Anyway, one of the most severe triggers of the bad feet smell is the fungus that provokes the condition called the athlete’s foot, which is indicated by the most troublesome and intense chronic smell. Having that in mind the stubbornness of the fungal infections, it is the logical conclusion that this kind of the condition should be treated right after being noticed, however, the better solution is to lower the chances of even getting the fungal infection in the first place, if possible. Therefore, first of all, the most important thing is to maintain the regular and proper hygiene, and additionally to perform a peeling-like treatment to the feet with the soap that kills bacteria and the foot brush especially designed for this purpose.

How to deal with the problem of smelly feet?

Also, having in mind that the damp places on the skin are the most susceptible environment for the fungal infection and the growth of fungi, it is extremely important to keep the feet dry. However, in the cases of the chronically increased perspiration, the cosmetic products for minimizing the sweating must be applied on the feet, and it is better to choose some effective antiperspirant for that purpose. Te stench itself could be lessened with the simple powder for babies, since it allows certain circulation of the air to the feet, when wearing the footwear.

Of course, it is most recommendable to wear the footwear made from the natural fabric, such as the natural leather, for example. And, most importantly, it is recommendable to wear the socks made from the cotton only, especially as far as the people who practice the regular workouts are concerned. Of course, it is necessary to wear the different pair of the socks during the physical activity, and to regularly wash and change them the rest of the time.

Anyway, when it comes to the natural homemade solutions, one of the most popular remedies is to immerse the feet into the water in which the Bicarbonate of Soda or vinegar is diluted. These remedies increase the acidity of the feet skin and thus deal with the problem of the smelly feet. In order to deal with the sweat, tannin should be used, also diluted in water.

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