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Why do some people spend money to lose weight? Will supplements help as much as they cost? Will a personal trainer be as effective as the amount of cash he or she receives? And what about those exotic foods we are forced to buy in order to lose one more pound? There is only one answer to all these questions – spend no more money to lose weight! Weight reduction should be a healthy and natural process and therefore, it is something that should not cost much, if at all.


More important price paid here is the one regarding the health of a person. Increased amount of fat tissue will easily increase the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, which might additionally cause medical issues, particularly those heart related. After years of living with obesity, even heart attack might happen, which is a serious, life threatening situation. So, when money and health are compared, it is obvious that cash spent for health is not so important. But, when having in mind that there are methods to lose weight without the money, why not use them?


Dieting and exercising are all one needs and nothing else. Money should not be spent on dieting, not more than what is already used for purchasing food. The only thing that has to change is the food that is bought. It has to be healthy without any fast food. It should mostly consist of fruits and vegetables, with some poultry and fish (tuna, for example). Food with saturated fat should be avoided as much as possible, since it is not healthy and it only wastes money. Water should also be used in large quantities because it helps with hunger control and it also helps by quickening the digestion process.

As for exercising, not one cent has to be spent on it. There are numerous exercises that require nothing but a body and a willing mind. Exerting the organism will definitely consume some energy and spend calories. Since no money is involved, home workout is a must, although if weather conditions allow it, exercising (and jogging) can be done outside, in the nearby park, for example. It should be based on cardio workout, but strength exercises are welcomed too (push-ups, pull-ups, triceps dips, etc.). Some parks even have areas designated for exercising (with bars for pull-ups and triceps dips). Aerobic exercises should be applied mostly because of the positive effects they have on the cardiovascular system.

Combining healthy eating and increasing the physical aspect is definitely the best way to shape up the body and it does not have to cost anything.

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