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Weight reduction is aprocess of eliminating the fat tissue from the body. But not only that,excessive water is also eliminated and sometimes even proteins are lost. Ofcourse, the ideal thing would be to lose fat only, and some water, but that issomething that can be done only with a good diet and with sticking to that dietand the rules it offers.

Weigh reduction methods

There are two basic waysto deal with excessive weight. One is with increasing the physical ability andthe other is with the use of some diet. It is questionable which one is moreeffective, because they work in different ways and shape the body differently.This means that only dieting will reduce fat and some proteins, perhaps evensome water. On the other hand, physical activity will reduce fat, although abit slower, but usually, muscle mass will increase in time and this means thatoverall weight is just slightly reduced. This is because muscles are actuallyheavier than fat tissue; therefore, the loss in weight is not so drastic. Butthe shape of the body will be greatly improved, towards a lean and well shapedbody.

Physical activity

Best type of workout,when it comes to losing weight is cardio exercising. This is because cardioexercises emphasize the use of the entire body and that means that fat burningprocess is equally applied everywhere. Types of exercising included here areswimming, running, aerobics etc. Being physically active, there are severalbenefits to expect and those are related to the increased metabolism rate andenhanced functioning of several systems. Also, the body will be stronger andmany things will be performed with ease, which leaves us with a lot of energy.Also, libido is increased, which also one of the more important things isgotten with exercising.


Dieting is also veryimportant. Reducing the amount of calories inserted with food will definitelystart the fat burning process. It is also important for those meals to be ashealthy as possible, because the lack of one nutrient for starting a fatburning process is more than enough stress for the organism. That is why it isalways recommended to make slight differences in the start and then worktowards big differences in the amount of food and number of calories. Healthyfood should be used for a diet and it is good to know that there are somehealthy foods that can help lose weight. For example, those are eggs, apples,all types of salad, olive oil, grapefruit etc.

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