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Increased weight is the problem that many people have to deal with. Unfortunately, most of those are in their best years, twenties, thirties and forties. What is even more problematic is that there is a lot of those who are not even thinking about losing weight. Losing weight is something that has to be done in order to eliminate some medical problems that might occur later on in life. So, how to prevent weight gain as we age?

Maintaining weight

It is no big secret that two major ways for eliminating the excessive fat tissue are dieting and exercising. Those two are also what has to be done if a person wants to keep the weight within the normal range. When it comes to older people, it is obvious that physical activity has to be changed slightly. From the age of about 55, muscles start to reduce slowly and that requires certain things to be done. Actually, even though it would sound logical to include some muscle mass building, it is not something that many older people like to do. They are mostly interested in cardio forms such as light jogging, for example. This might even be a better choice, because this type of physical activity will enhance the functioning of the heart and lungs, which is very important, especially for older people. Muscle mass building can be included in some light variation in order to keep the muscles active and strong. This is why using big weights in form of dumbbells and barbell should be replaced with doing push-ups, triceps dips and similar, since it is something a bit easier, but still quite effective.


Physical activity must be followed by a great dieting plan. Older people should be cautious of what they eat. This is because decades have passed, decades that probably include using a lot of unhealthy food, food rich in toxic substances that might have accumulated over the mentioned period and now might cause a lot of medical problems. This means that healthy eating is essential here. A lot of fruits and veggies, fibers and small amounts of healthy meat (poultry, fish) should be present. This is also a good way to reduce the weight, if it was not done before. Weight reduction should not be done with the help of fast diets because those can easily lead to starvation and that is definitely not something an aged organism should deal with.

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