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Pot bellies can be unsightly, not to mention uncomfortable and impractical. A large belly is an indicator of an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle and stomach fat can be a source of embarrassment and shame to many people throughout the world. Excess fat is a hindrance in general, but it is also a threat to one's health. Having excess fat can lead to heart disease and other related problems and thus it is very important to try and maintain a normal weight.


Exercising regularly can help greatly to both maintain a healthy weight and also to lose weight if required. However, when it comes to belly fat, not all exercise will reduce the fat in this area. If you are doing the incorrect exercises, you can work out for months on end without seeing any results in the belly area. Specialized exercises that target the stomach area are required.

Cardiovascular exercise is the best way to reduce belly fat. Regular jogging or walking is recommended. Try to spend at least thirty minutes doing either of these things every day. In fact, combining the two in an individual session can be an even more efficient way of exercising. Should you decide to join a gym, ask the instructor for a belly fat reduction program if necessary.


Maintaining a healthy diet is a prerequisite for losing belly fat. Diet is also important with regard to general health and in fact, your belly fat problems may have resulted from poor diet in the first place. Heart health can be seriously threatened by an unhealthy diet, so you should focus on this area for reasons of health as well as appearance.

Dieting does not equal starvation. Rather, dieting requires one to eat healthy, nutritious food instead of low quality or unhealthy food. For example, instead of red meat, try poultry or fish. In this way, one can reduce belly fat without majorly cutting down on the amount you consume.

Try to avoid diets or weight loss programs that promise instant results or immediate drastic reduction. Usually, these methods can be unsafe or unhealthy and will only result in the weight being put back on within weeks after the crash diet. In summary, you need to change your lifestyle in order to lose your belly fat. Stop smoking, cut down on alcohol and caffeine and try to avoid eating late at night. Take every opportunity for exercise - walk to work or school instead of driving, use the stairs and not the lift and if you like, try yoga or meditation for the purposes of relaxation.

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