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Introduction to Sociopaths

Sociopaths are people whose behavior is antisocial and who simply lack a sense of moral responsibility and social conscience. Everybody should be familiar with sociopathic traits. We may normally meet these people in the street and even work with some of them. A person may not assume he/ she is communicating with a sociopath because they are excellent masters of deceit and all their negative traits are well hidden. It is essential to make difference between sociopaths and psychopaths. Sociopaths have antisocial behavior while people suffering from psychopathic personality are typically aggressive, perverse and have noticeable inclination towards crime.

Profile of the Sociopath

The very problem related to antisocial behavior originates from the early childhood. Still, most of the sociopathic traits in this period of life are simply ignored and considered minor faults. Parents commonly think their children are not able to differentiate between right and wrong and that they will eventually learn how to do it. Unfortunately, as time goes by these traits become more prominent. These people may try to behave normally but they simply cannot help themselves and eventually they reveal their true face.

Sociopaths are highly manipulative. This is definitely one of the most prominent traits of sociopaths. Most sociopaths are smart and successful manipulators. They may convince people in almost everything they think of. Sociopaths are charming in nature which hides the real evil lying inside. They may even be the most charming persons one has even met. Furthermore, people suffering from antisocial personality disorder are commonly pathological liars. Lying is considered normal and it does not bring any guilt or shame at all. Lying is one of the mighty tools a sociopath uses in order to obtain certain goals. Lack of remorse, shame and guilt is another sociopathic trait. Without paying attention on other people's feeling and needs they only think of themselves.

A sociopath simply has no emotions. Yes, they may cry and laugh but these activities are fake and there is no emotional involvement. For these people emotions are superficial and only used as a cover for wicked intentions. All the previously mentioned personality traits can conclude that sociopaths are actually egomaniacs who simply cannot stop praising themselves and all their deeds. They never have a nice word for anybody but themselves. And finally, these people are totally unreliable.

All these characteristics tend to worsen in time. Being cruel to people and even to animals simply cannot be controlled. Some of sociopaths even get involved in criminal activities.

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