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Emotional Abuse Characteristics

Being emotionally abused is not a stateof affairs to desire. Rather, emotionally abused people have oftengone through very hard periods of life, where they have experiencedother people's words and actions causing a decrease in theirself-esteem and self-respect. This reflects on these people later inlife since they cannot live without these, imposed aspects of theirpersonality. They are prone to bursting into tears or being unable tocontrol their emotions. Even though all members of human society mayexperience this form of abuse and its effects, women and children,being the weakest, are the most susceptible. Most often emotionalabuse is combined with physical abuse. Thus, people who are victimsof emotional abuse have survived traumas due to terrible things thathappened to them. This influences their perception of the world aswell as their lives significantly.

Manifestations of Emotional Abuse

First of all, some of the negativethings emotionally abused people experienced are neglecting,ignoring, verbal insulting and aggressive behavior through both physicaland verbal violence and many others. Since these are all traumaticexperiences, they leave deep scars into the lives and characteristicsof the emotionally abused.

People in this state of mind feeldepressed and incapable of fitting into the world. They often detachfrom their family and friends. Additionally, they are bothered byguilt, shame and are fearful. Nervousness and anxiousness, as well asmood swings, all are common traits of emotionally abused people aswell. Being pessimists, they do not trust others and blame them formany negative things in their lives. On the other hand, they are alsoprone to blaming themselves. They may be prone to lying, drug abuseand aggressive behavior or may have suicidal tendencies. Finally, asmentioned above, they have low self-esteem and tend to be emotionallyunstable.

People often stay in the circles oftheir emotional abuse. They do this due to their fear of beingabandoned. They often think that no one else will want them by theirside but the abuser him/herself. Thus, they cling onto this personand suffer more.

Any prolongation of emotional abuse canhave catastrophic consequences on the psyche of the victim.Therefore, it is important to act timely and seek help, reportingyour abuse to some public organizations. Also, you might seek helpfrom other family members. It is important to express yourself andexpose the abuser to other people. This will make you safer sinceothers will help you, and will also make an important step to yourrecovery.

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