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In order to understand what narcissistic rage refers to, itis important to understand what narcissistic personality disorder is, sincethis rage is typical of people who suffer from this mental disorder. All peoplehave a feeling of self-worth, but when this feeling exceeds certain limits and thenthe person is considered to have this disorder.

Narcissistic personality disorder

The main characteristic of this personality disorder is thatthose who suffer from it feel deep need to be admired and complimented byothers, and their sense of self-importance is inflated. They are dependent onthis, and their self-confidence is fed on it. They see themselves superior toothers, they give too much importance to themselves, and they do not care or paymuch attention to the feelings and emotions of others. They are selfish, andthey do not function well in relationships with other people, whether personal orbusiness, but the fact is that behind this behavior that is socially unacceptable,their self-esteem is too fragile and they are vulnerable to even a slightcriticism. Since they are perfectionists, if something is not asperfect as they imagined it, they feel shame, guilt, or anger.

Narcissistic rage

Narcissistic rage is only one way in which an individual whosuffers from this personality disorder expresses his anger against anyone whomight have hurt his or her ego with some negative remark, or when he or she hasbeen prevented from accomplishing something. They see it as a personal assault,and their rage may be expressed either verbally or physically. Sometimes theymay express their rage in both ways simultaneously, and the rage may even bringabout murderous thoughts. It is important to bear in mind that the rage ofthese people is rarely pointed towards only the person who provoked it; thosewho have nothing to do with it are the targets as well. However, it is not thesame as anger that people feel normally, and it should not be confused withthis feeling, because besides raging, the narcissist pulls down the self-worthof others in order to relieve its own internal pain and restore its own sense ofself-worthiness.

In order for this problem to be treated, it is absolutelynecessary that the person in question becomes aware of the problem. The fact isthat it is almost impossible thing to do, but otherwise, the treatment isimpossible and will not have any effect. The help of psychiatrist is of crucialimportance.

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