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A sociopath is a person suffering from antisocial personality disorder. He/she consider themselves the most significant person in the entire world. Even though these individuals may appear charming and outgoing, they are in fact totally opposite and have no positive features. Sociopaths are physically aggressive, unable to sustain relationships and they show a lack of regret for any of the performed action. The major problem of sociopaths is the violation of the rights of other people. They show no sign of affection and care for other living beings.

Causes of Sociopaths

The actual cause of sociopaths has not been identified yet. Some scientists believe there is a genetic predisposition to the disorder. Furthermore, environment factors can be associated with the occurrence of antisocial personality disorder. In some cases a traumatic incident during childhood can induce the occurrence of the disorder.

Treatment for Sociopath

The most important thing is to recognize a sociopath. Even though sociopaths may become dangerous to society they can be treated with several treatment modalities.

The most significant thing for patient is to realize that he/she is having a problem. Since there is no chance for a sociopath to feel guilt treatment can be rather challenging. One more issue is related to a relationship between a doctor and a sociopath. Generally, sociopaths are not able to maintain close relationship. This can significantly interfere in therapy since there has to be proper bonding between a therapist and a patient. The doctor must pay careful attention to a sociopath because he/she can be very manipulative.

Only if the patient understands his/ her problem the treatment can be efficient. The actual success of the treatment is individual and not the same in all patients. The treatment is not unique. It depends on several factors such as the age of the patient, medical background, severity of the disorder and comorbidities.

The basic concept of the treatment includes specific therapies, medications or physical treatments. Even a combination of these three is possible. The results can be perfectly achieved with behavioral, cognitive and psychotherapy. Behavior therapy helps with reconditioning of the adopted behavior and it provides with suitable behavior patterns which will help the patient to cope in society. Cognitive therapy explores the thoughts and feelings of a sociopath which are associated with the particular behavior. Patients are then taught how to change unacceptable behavior patterns such as anger, lying, stealing etc. Psychotherapy investigates deep-rooted problems in one's conscience.

Even though there are no particular medications for this disorder patients suffering from additional illnesses such as alcohol addiction or even depression are prescribed certain drugs. And finally, some sociopaths undergo physical treatments such as shock therapy or neurosurgery. Fortunately, these treatment modalities are not commonly recommended and applied.

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