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Nice To Meet You, I Am a Sociopath

Sociopaths are quite an interesting group, being extremely different from the rest of the people. What makes them stand out of the crowd is their behavior and lack of emotions. When we compare a sociopath with a person who has a normal mental picture of the world, we notice that a sociopath is not bothered by emotions, striving for relationships or focusing upon living a life as peacefully as possible. Rather, a sociopath is emotion free, when it comes to feelings towards others. However, he/she takes this as a main weapon to achieve the goals they set. Interestingly, these goals are all related since winning is the main purpose of a sociopath's life. Regardless of the game they might be playing, winning it is the thing a sociopath lives for. This can involve being better than a sibling, becoming rich and famous etc. During this path of achievement, a sociopath is prepared to use the dirtiest, most evil techniques, just in order to defeat the competition by any means necessary. Amazingly, these people, due to their lack of social obligations and feelings towards others, have all the time in the world dedicated to their schemes. What is more, emotions, let alone conscience are hardly considered factors of distraction since these are completely absent from a sociopath life. Also, due to their different ways of conduct, they consider fear, evil, hatred and other negative things quite acceptable and logical.

No, Thank You, I'm not Interested

Upon facing and recognizing a sociopath, let alone living with one, you are highly advised to react and save yourself from this living hell. Researches have shown that these people cannot be helped or returned to the right path. Rather, many of them used psychotherapies to learn how to manipulate people better by getting to know their weak spots. Thus, even though it might seem painful and unfair, you should distance yourself from sociopaths in your life, focusing on your own advancement and your goals. Also, if you happen to know someone who is living near or with a sociopath you might help them by recommending a good book about this problem, where there are pieces of advice regarding how to deal with these people.

If you happen to feel guilty because you are leaving a sociopath alone, know that there is a high possibility that this very person has made you feel this way. They are capable of making you feel like you owe them something, making you feel used and afraid, seeing that they do not care about you and you are giving much more than receiving in relationships with them. Finally, they are likely not to take the blame for their actions and just continue destroying your life for fun as long as you are around.

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