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Psychopathic personality as a mental disorder

The fact is that it is necessary to be well informed about the characteristics of psychopathic personality in order to be able to recognize a person who suffers from this condition. This becomes even harder because of their shrewdness and ability to hide their negative side behind a positive one, which is why psychopathy is definitely one of the most serious personality disorders. In 1980, the term antisocial personality disorder substituted this term, which, until then, referred to the condition whose main characteristics were incredible lack of empathy, highly amoral behavior and an ability to mask these characteristics with an outwardly normal appearance.

What are the main characteristics of psychopathic personality?

One of the main characteristics of psychopaths is verbal intelligence, while their emotional intelligence is practically non existant. This is why they never attach emotionally to anyone or anything, they see other people as some sort of obstacle that needs to be eliminated in order for them to succeed in something, and they are ready to do anything in order to succeed in it. They are great at manipulating others and they are pathological liars, since lies are one of the tools that they use without any hesitation; they do not feel any remorse or guilt after they harm somebody; they are self-centered and they need to be in the center of attention all the time; they are promiscuous. Parasitic lifestyle is a characteristic of the greatest majority of cases, as well as aggressive behavior and inability to control their behavior.

What are the causes of psychopathic personality and can it be treated?

The fact is that the cause of this disorder is not at all clear, but some studies and researches indicate that it might have something to do with genetics. Also, some evidence suggests that the brain in psychopaths may function differently from the brain in other people and that such behavior is often triggered by stress or mental illness. As for the treatment, psychopaths may be confined in psychiatric hospitals, if their cases are considered impossible to treat.

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