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A sociopath is a person with antisocial personality disorder. The disorder is relatively rare and may be difficult to identify for many years until a drastic episode occurs. We will list several characteristic to help you identify sociopathic behavior.

What is Sociopath?

A sociopath is a person who disregards and violets right of others and has no sense of social boundaries. Sociopathic behavior usually starts in childhood or early adolescence. It is often considered as a childish behavior that will improve with time thus the disorder usually goes unnoticed until a sociopath reaches adulthood. The cause of antisocial personality disorder is believed to be a combination of hereditary and environmental factors. Both males and females can be affected and according to the National Institute of Mental Health around 0.6% of Americans suffer from this disorder.

Characteristics of SociopathsManipulators

A sociopath is a typically cunning and manipulative. Sociopaths use their charm to manipulate others and achieve their goals without considering feelings and rights of their victims. To a sociopath, another person is only an instrument to be used for personal profit or pleasure.

Incapacity for EmotionsAlthough this characteristic can be hidden, a sociopath appears to be incapable of any emotion. However, you can see a sociopath cry, laugh or get angry but this is only superficial exhibition of emotions. They usually do not get moved by things that would upset a normal person while insignificant matters easily outrage sociopaths. Lack of empathy is another characteristic of a sociopath as he is unable to empathize with the pain of others. He is also unable to feel remorse or guilt.

Pathological Lying

A sociopath is a skilled liar. It seems impossible for a sociopath to be honest on a consistent basis. He lies with ease and usually is very convincing. In many cases, a sociopath even manages to pass lie detector test. If a sociopath is caught in a lie, he shows no embarrassment and simply changes his story.


A sociopath is impulsive in nature. He often acts without considering the consequences of his actions. Sociopaths do not resist to temptation and can not control their behavior. Many have no respect for authorities and engage in criminal activity.

Other Sociopathic TraitsA sociopath is a human parasite that exploits others for his benefit. He often exhibits promiscuous sexual behavior. He is an egomaniac that feels entitled to certain things as their right. He can be authoritarian, secretive and paranoid. He is unreliable and irresponsible and usually lives on the edge as this provides him with needed stimulation.

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