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Definition of the sociopath

Sociopath is a person who has an antisocial personality disorder. If you wonder what the difference between sociopath and psychopath is, we will provide you with an answer. Term psychopath is used by psychologists for persons who have certain qualities and traits that are not the same with the most of population. The same goes for sociopaths. There is a small difference in the definition of the sociopath and psychopath and according to the psychologists, psychopath’s traits are hereditary which means that the same traits have had his ancestors. Sociologists claim that a person develops such traits and behavior from the society influence.

Hereditary and environmental factors

It is very difficult to recognize and distinguish a sociopath in a crowded waiting room or some other place, because they hide their personality disorder under the warm and kind expression of face. It cannot be said for sure why someone becomes sociopath. The reason for that may lie in the hereditary factor, and it may be a result of the environment influence, or both. If such a person had someone from their family who had this problem, then the symptoms of sociopath should be visible at an early age. Their traits would be anger and impulsiveness though if the environment had some influence in the sociopath behavior they could have gradually developed that kind of traits.

Signs of a sociopathic behavior

The first sign is the ability to manipulate people. If they succeed in that, sociopaths can use persons for any kind of goals. Sociopaths can be really nice, capable in charming people with smooth talk, though they can’t subdue to the norms that are set by the society. They have a total and complete disrespect for social norms and that is one thing that may give them away. The roots for this social disregard are found in the impulsiveness, as it is one of their distinguished characteristic. They want to do everything that they set their mind to and don’t think twice. Consequences are of no interest for them. They think and are convinced that the whole world is spinning around and because of them. They have a high level of self-esteem and don’t have much ability to love someone else. They don’t even care how other people feel when hurt or disappointed, and don’t have empathy for other person’s misfortunes. Reliability is also not one of their stronger sides. One can rely on sociopath, as he is relying on other people. Sociopathic traits also include absence of personal goals, pathological lying and infidelity. Behavior that is characteristic for sociopathic behavior in youth is juvenile delinquency. The crime itself includes all of the above traits such as anger, impulsiveness, and rebellion against society.

To sum up this article gives us some of the signs of a sociopath. Now a man wonders how can a person with so many negative traits lead a life on their own? Don’t get carried away by a sweet talk if you see some of these sighs in someone.

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