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Characteristics of Sociopathy

Sociopathy is one of many personalitydisorders. It mainly expresses one's inability to be kind to othersand respect their existence. Rather, a sociopath is likely todisregard emotions and rights of others, developing this charactertrait all the way from his or her childhood. This disorder, eventhough born quite early, is officially diagnosed only after theperson in question is 18 years old, and has a history of sociopathicbehavior since the childhood. This behavior, as well as other charactertraits of a sociopath, may be expressed in numerous different ways,some more extraordinary than the others.

What Triggers Sociopathy?

As with many personality disorders,personal history and childhood both play a very important role. Thatbeing said, many believe that children who were neglected ormaltreated by their parents, all have a high possibility of becomingsociopaths themselves. In fact, sociopaths often use their childhoodproblems as an excuse for their abusive behavior towards others.Alternatively, there are some claims that sociopathy is able to beinherited, genetically transferred, that is. Therefore, if you have ahistory of this disorder in your family, you are likely to getaffected by it yourself, and develop sociopathy as soon as you are achild.

What Is a Sociopath Like?

First and foremost, you need to bear inmind that these people lack a sense of moral and consciencecompletely. Thus, they are prone to lying and manipulating others inorder to achieve their own, selfish goals.

They are often hiding behind a mask ofa pleasant, communicative person who is interesting and stands out ina crowd due to his or her charm and an apparently interestingpersonality. However, sociopath is likely to lie constantly, aboutall aspects of his or her personality. Moreover, most of them are perfectliars, unable to be seen through by others. This is probably due totheir absence of emotions like guilt, shame and regret. Namely, uponlying and living this corrupted way of life, a sociopath feelsnothing towards others and is capable of doing the worst possiblethings to the people around, only for his or her own benefit and pleasure.All these people care about is themselves, completely disregardinganyone else. This is why they are often considered narcissists aswell, since they often show this self-centered behavior too.

As for a sociopath's past they arelikely to have been involved in some cases of juvenile delinquencylike robberies, violent behavior etc. Moreover, due to theiraggressive and self-centered nature, they are often unable tofunction correctly in a society. They have troubles finding jobs,maintaining healthy relationships with other people and living undera certain, widely accepted, way of conduct.

Possible Treatment

Even though some positive results maybe achieved through psychotherapy, this is very hard since sociopathsare likely to try and manipulate their therapist, lying and ignoringall their efforts.

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