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What is a sociopath

The Sociopaths among Us

There are countless different people living together on this planet. We are all different in our way, yet having things which bind us, like similar personalities, physical traits etc. There are many who live among us while suffering from some personality disorders. Basically, they have personalities which are considered deviated and unhealthy by the standards we ourselves have established. One of these people is a sociopath. Many times have we encountered them as villains in movies, books and other sources of fiction. However, not often do we think of sociopaths as regular members of our society. Yet, we should, since they live and take action in this world, having their ways of conduct completely different than most of us. The easiest way to recognize a sociopath is to live near or with him/her. Those who have experienced this helped us describe these people and become more capable of recognizing them from the crowd.

The Definition

Sociopaths, being people who are suffering from a specific type of antisocial disorder, are individuals who have a distorted vision of reality, are extremely self-centered and do not regard other people's feelings, desires and existences at all. All sociopaths are interested in is their own goals, and they might use lies, manipulation and many other methods we consider evil, in order to achieve his/her things. All in all, these people lack what we consider humane characteristics. Positive feelings and emotions, compassion, empathy, love, caring; all are feelings absent in a sociopath.

The Person

Sociopaths are always hidden behind their “masks”. They usually pretend to be perfectly sane, even lovely and caring individuals. However, these people use lies every minute, only to achieve their goals, and others may hardly realize that until too late. Due to the fact that they are deprived of feelings, sociopaths cannot have stable relationships and the only indulgence in human contact is physical, through promiscuity or deceits. They often change their locations and jobs, seeking better opportunities and more victims. Nevertheless, these people are often “read” while they are younger; through juvenile delinquency acts, cruelty towards other people and animals, lack of friend and a general social life and similar facts. While older, they still have difficulties understanding emotions and tend to burst in anger and expel their negativity from time to time, presenting their true self to others.

Can One Be Cured?

The older a sociopath is, the harder it is to change them. Thus, the best method of treatment is psychotherapy at a young age, when the first symptoms start appearing.

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