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Regardless of how harsh this might sound, sociopaths are people who do not care about others one bit and use the world around them for their own benefit. Their advancement is all they care for and a sociopath will manipulate, lie and do all the other tricks available in order to fulfill his/her selfish and heartless goals without any sense of conscience, ethics or moral whatsoever. A sociopath suffers from a specific type of antisocial disorder. There are several different types of sociopaths which can be found on this planet, living among people, following their mysterious, selfish plans.

Types of Sociopaths

Psychologists and sociologists divide sociopaths into different categories. Firstly, we have common sociopaths who are characterized by their absence of conscience. Then, there are alienated sociopaths whose main distinctive feature is the inability to love or to be loved. If a sociopath has a strong, sadistic line of personality, he/she is classified as an aggressive subtype. Finally, there are sociopaths who are only capable of following gang rules and no other types of rules. These are dyssocial sociopaths.

What Are Sociopaths Like?

Sociopaths are addicted to winning and gaining. This is their sole goal and the reason for their existence. Usually, they are very clever and manage to use advanced tricks in order to manipulate other people. Moreover, throughout this process of lying and cheating as well as causing others harm, they do not feel any kind of remorse, guilt, let alone pain. All they desire is to stay covert and stab you in the back when you least expect it.

However, adult sociopaths get bored quite easily. Being shallow and empty, emotionally dry and insensitive, they lack the occupations other, family people, have. So, the only thing that keeps them busy is their sinister game.

Life of Sociopaths

Numerous sociopaths end up being serial killers. Yet, this does not mean that every sociopath is a blood-thirsty psychopath. Rather, most of them live normal lives and even have families. However, they lead a double life, faking their emotions, showing no empathy, being nothing more than actors, playing their parts exceptionally well.

So, basically, sociopaths can be described as people possessing “qualities” such as egocentricity, impulsive character, proneness to excessive boasting, antagonistic and risk-taking nature, difficulty to resist temptation, strong sexuality, lack of interest for their lover or companion and lack of conscience in general.

How Many of Them Are There?

Sociopaths make up for 3% of our world's population. Note that there is a gray area where some people who are not complete sociopaths may end up. They are hard to identify and even harder to face. Yet, they need professional treatment. However, traditional methods cannot help them due to their manipulative and dishonest traits.

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