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Different or the Same?

Many people, upon being asked to tellthe difference between a sociopath and a psychopath, claim that thetwo are the same. Most of us have this wrong misconception. These twostates of mind and personality are hardly the same. There are manydifferences between a sociopath and a psychopath and one can easilyknow them by reading the following lines.

Psychopath vs Sociopath

As we start talking about thedifferences between the two, we must not fail to mention the verybasic distinction. Namely, sociopaths have a personality disorderwhich is manifested in the antisocial behavior. At the same time, a sociopathhas an antisocial personality disorder, making him/her aggressive,prone to problematic behavior, lacking love, empathy or conscience.

Therefore, psychopaths are what we callevil people, who lack moral totally and have no sense for ethics.Rather, they are scattered around the world searching for somethingto feed their self-centered desires without having emotions. They areimpulsive, often aggressive and cannot manage blending into the restof the society.

On the other hand, sociopaths know howto disguise themselves and can be parents, co-workers, lovers andmany other people, actually having corrupted and selfish goals andlying throughout their lives. While sociopaths are prone to schemingand treacherous behavior, many psychopaths are all either serial killersor something similar.

How To Recognize a Sociopath?

Sociopaths act charming most of thetime. They will do their best to trick other people into liking themso that they can accomplish their own greedy goals. They may evenpass lie detectors since they are quite experienced, pathologicalliars. Being such, they do not love nor feel anything towards thepeople close to them. Yet, they need the excitement in their life andthey usually get that from acting and hiding their true purpose.Finally, they are prone to juvenile delinquency, changing partnersand surroundings often and manipulating people regardless of who theyare and if they are related to the sociopath him/herself.

How To Recognize a Psychopath?

Even though psychopaths can have manysexual partners as well and tend to act out their charming veneer,their behavior is quite transparent and many people can decipher thetrue goals of these people. They lie all the time and need otherpeople who they can use. They are aggressive, impulsive and do nothave a realistic view of life, considering themselves kings of theworld or aliens destined to have all they want. They are prone tosuicidal attempts and a life of crime.

Thus, psychopaths are extremesociopaths, being less capable of controlling themselves and beingfar more transparent.

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