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There are a large number of people around the world who are addicted to nicotine, and so they smoke many cigarettes per day, on a regular daily basis. Some of them are aware of the fact that it is a very harmful habit, so they try to find new ways of quitting. There are certain people who feel the best way to quit is to actually simply quit abruptly, without much fuss and preparation. Numerous nicotine replacement therapies are the most common alternatives for all those who want to quit smoking and they include patches, gum and Zyban, among others.

Some people simply cannot deal with such therapies and they soon revert to regular cigarette smoking. It is very important to avoid ingesting nicotine in any form, so that the body could break free from the chemical part of the addiction. One must be very strong and patient in order to make it through the first couple of days or weeks needed for the chemical addiction to be broken. All smokers who have tried to quit know what a slip is. A slip is a situation in which the smoker lights a cigarette in spite of quitting. Some people slip in response to some stressful moments.

Some smokers slip and then decide upon starting smoking again and then quitting again at some future point in time. Some other smokers consider their slips as only some minor setbacks which are not important in a long term process of quitting. There are some long term goals which need to be set so that the process of quitting may be fully efficient. It is of utmost importance not to slip back into regular smoking, because it is a vicious circle which is very hard to break. One also needs to recognize and accept the fact that slips may occur and that they definitely need to be controlled.

Managing Slips

Managing the slips is definitely the most complicated and the hardest task to perform when it comes to quitting smoking. Most quitters have a very hard time controlling the slips. One must be aware of the fact that quitting smoking is probably the best decision of his or her life. Quitting smoking drops the blood pressure back to normal, oxygen levels in the blood also become normalized, the risks of various types of cancers and heart diseases are decreased, energy levels get increased, the blood circulation gets improved and the person starts feeling better.

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