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One of the most common addictions in the humans is smoking. Every day we hear a smoker saying he will quit smoking the next day while holding a cigarette in the hand. It is easier to say than to fight against this type of the addiction. Smoking is very serious, since it does not affect only the smoker who directly and deliberately inhales nicotine, but it is also harmful for the people who are around and who thus became passive smokers.

The passive smokers are also at high risk to develop the diseases that are directly caused by smoking, such as respiratory system diseases. Therefore, many governments lead a campaign against cigarettes and smoking. When a smoker decides to quit smoking, he/she needs a great support from his family and people in his/her surrounding. However, it is very difficult and many of those who attempt to leave cigarettes do not succeed in it.

Laser therapy to quit smoking

Since smoking is a global problem, there are many treatments that are designed in order to help those people who want to stop smoking. Recently, one treatment has proven to be very effective and thus become very popular. It is a laser therapy to quit smoking. This laser therapy to quit smoking is low-power laser therapy. It is completely safe and very effective. Those smokers who decide to undergo this laser therapy may attend counseling sessions. The attendance to these sessions depends on the patent’s ability to pay for the treatment and the patient’s level of addiction to smoking.

This laser therapy is very effective and thousands of smokers successfully quit smoking after it. It is based on the ancient Asian healing art of acupuncture and the whole aim of the therapy is to relieve the tension and enhance circulation. The laser therapy to quit smoking uses low-level laser therapy that influences the endorphins release. Endorphins are the natural chemicals that increase the energy and reduce the stress.

The laser, which is soft and like a light bulb, is directed into the specific energy points on the hands, wrist, face and ears. It is an external non-thermal procedure. A warm and pulsating feeling and nothing more appears during this procedure. Many doctors worldwide recommend low-laser therapy to everybody who tries to quit smoking because this method enhances the production of endorphins, which relieve tension and stress that occur when a smoker withdraws from nicotine

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