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I Smoke Because...

There are many cigarette smokers aroundthe world today. Perhaps more than those who desire not to poisontheir bodies with tobacco, nicotine and all the other thousand thingswhich can all serve as basic ingredients for rat poison. Smokersoften have very interesting excuses which they use to justify theirunhealthy habit. The following ones are considered most common.

No, Seriously, I Smoke Because....

Many cigarette addicts claim thatsmoking makes them more relaxed and helps them deal with theburdening stress of their daily grind. They sometimes refer tocigarettes as their only means of achieving happiness and serenity aswell as joy. This of course has nothing to do with relaxation. Infact, nicotine is known to be a stimulant which makes you more awareand even nervous, instead of being relieved of the pressure. Thus,smoking feeds the addiction and this process makes the person“calmer”. Once you smoke your first cigarette in life, you arebound to feel sick, not calm. Remember this.

Bohemians defend themselves by claimingthey love smoking. This is understandable, taking into considerationthat smoking can be a social activity. However, so it is playing sports. Namely, there are many healthy alternatives tosmoking and you are better of with any of these than you are withcigarettes.

Boredom seems to be quite a commonreason behind the onset of this unhealthy habit. Of course, there aremany other things to make you busy, not necessarily causing healthdeterioration. After all, you can watch a movie, go out with afriend, or do anything more constructive that exposing your lungs toa deadly smoke.

Additionally, there are those who smokesince they believe that this keeps them slim. Even though cigarettesare known to be appetite suppressants, this effect lasts only for ashort while. Therefore, once you smoke, you will not be hungry, butlater you will compensate for your food abstinence by overeating.This can hardly be positive, you will agree.


All in all, smoking is dangerous andvery bad for your health and the health of all the people around you,including your children and your family. It takes away your senses oftaste and smell and makes you a slave of your addiction, incapable offunctioning normally without poisoning yourself further. All peoplewho love you deserve to have you healthy and happy. Do not letcigarettes take you away before your time, regardless of the excusesyou might have.

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