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Smoking isone of the worst habits to have and the everybody knows it. Even smokers are awareof it and if they would try to forget, it is always written on their cigarettepack in giant bold letters.

However, deciding to quit smoking requires quitethe effort, as they are very addictive thanks to their nicotine content. Both thephysical and the mental need for a cigarette can be pretty powerful and havinga smoke is basically all one thinks about when trying to quit. And when constantirritability and anxiety are added to the picture, many people simply give up ongiving up smoking.

However,everything changes once there’s a baby in the picture. After all, it’s not likeit’s impossible to give up smoking, it’s just hard. And for those who havestruggled and failed to quit, pregnancy might just be the needed push in theright direction. Also, giving up smoking doesn’t seem so hard when compared tomaking sure to bring a healthy human being into the world. Basically, the babyputs things in the right perspective. But overcoming the smoking addiction isstill hard and one might need some guidelines as to how to cope with theprocess.

Theimportance of having a plan

Like everyimportant goal, giving up smoking requires a plan as well, because focusing ona course of action to follow will make it easier to restrain from lighting acigarette. The first thing to do is to set the exact date from which nocigarette will be lighted. After that, the woman should decide whether she’sready to throw away anything cigarette-related from the start, or she mightwant to go on a nicotine patch at first. Finally, having a strategy for whenthe cravings come is also highly recommended. This simply means making sure tohave some distraction planned out, like going for a walk, taking a nap orwatching a movie, to name a few.

Theimportance of communication with people

Giving upsmoking will be infinitely easier if one includes as many people as possible inthe process. This means sharing the feelings about it with the partner orfriends and letting them in on how the plan’s coming along. It might also be agood idea to choose a sort of a sponsor, someone to call when the urge for acigarette feels too strong. Talking with people who have gone through thequitting process is always helpful as well.

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