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Studies revealed that over 70% of people who smoke would rather get rid of that unhealthy habit. You may wonder why they just don't quit. Well, when they just think of the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that they will have to ignore if they want to stop smoking, they usually give up and light a cigarette. However, the real withdrawal symptoms are not as bad as they seem to be. The question is how much time should pass so that a person who has stopped smoking doesn't feel any pangs.
Nicotine addiction
Earlier it was believed that one is addicted to nicotine even after a year of smoking. However, today it is known that this addiction can be developed when a person smokes a cigarette for the first time and the brain senses the nicotine in the blood. The fact is that nicotine stimulates the production of the dopamine, which is a chemical responsible for sensation of pleasure, so when you light a cigarette and inhale the nicotine, you will feel pleasure. Our brain learns that and seeks for more pleasant feelings produced by the nicotine. Nicotine is responsible for chemical changes in our brain, which is the main reason why it is hard for a person to quit smoking. The brain is in these cases used to certain doses of nicotine and when they are gone, the brain needs time to adjust to that. It is the time when the trouble begins and when a person is experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. We know for a fact that when 100 hours pass without lighting a cigarette, the nicotine is no longer present in the blood. However, this is not the end of the physical cravings. The end comes at the point when our brain begins to function in the same way as before the addiction, which can happen in a period of two to three weeks, but there is another problem called mental addiction.
Mental addiction
Every smoker is used to smoke during a coffee break, while drinking alcohol, after meals, etc and this is a habit that is very hard to get rid of. You probably wonder what to do and how to stop smoking when you are used to smoke in these situations. You will definitely feel urges to smoke, but instead of smoking, try to drink green tea or valerian. That will keep you calm and more relaxed. Keep yourself entertained with any kind of action and you will probably find comfort in exercises. It is already very well known that smoking can seriously jeopardize our health, which is why you have to find the strength to throw away this bad habit and turn to other healthy routines.

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