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Facts about Hand Sanitizers

We all know that washing our hands regularly is crucial for our health, since we keep our hands, and therefore our body, safe from germs. These are usually found in public restrooms, restaurants, unhygienic places and all other locations where people do not take much care about their personal hygiene. Washing hands with soap is bound to get rid of all the harmful microorganisms, keeping you healthy. However, sometimes you are not able to wash your hands since there is no water around. Then, hand sanitizers are the best possible solution.

Being based on alcohol and a bit of water, these gel substances remove almost all types of dangerous microorganisms, while, due to the alcohol, they evaporate quickly, keeping your hands dry and disinfected. Therefore, these, when used correctly, are more than effective in keeping you healthy and keeping infections at bay.

How To Keep Your Hands Clean and Disinfected?

First of all, whenever you are able to use regular water and soap hand washing, do it, since it is the best method. All you need to do is wash your hands with water, apply soap and rub it in the surface of the hands, covering everything from wrists to the end of your fingers, rubbing for about 30 seconds, before rinsing with warm water and drying off with a towel, blow dryer or paper towels. When in public restrooms, use paper towels to shut down the water supply, since you might get re-exposed to microorganisms if you do it with your bare hand.

Again, when you cannot wash your hands, use hand sanitizers since these are the second best alternative. Just make sure you pick non-alcoholic ones over those with alcohol, since the former are far better for your skin, avoiding causing it any damage due to dryness.

It is a good idea to keep hand sanitizers with you, wherever you go, making sure you can clean your hands anew in any given situations. What is more, once you clean your hands this way, they are safe from germs for a bout half an hour, taken you have used non-alcohol sanitizers.

Finally, bear in mind that these sanitizers are not to be eaten, regardless of their type. Therefore, keep them away from small children. Also, whenever you are to apply hand sanitizer, it is best to have clean hands before, meaning that these will not remove any physical dirt, but just disinfect the area.

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