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By maintaining your hygiene, you will not only feel better and more self-confident, but you will be healthier also. In this article, you will find some advice on how to maintain your hygiene properly. You don’t have to buy expensive clothes in order to be attractive, you can just follow these tips and that will make you feel great.

Children’s sweat doesn’t have bad smell before they reach pubescence, because when the puberty starts, sex glands, as well as sweat glands, are becoming more active. That provokes bad smells, especially in the area under the arms. Small children have different sources of bad smell. They easily get stains on their clothes or get dirty while playing, which is why their clothes have to be changed frequently. It is the same with their underwear, only that underwear is directly exposed to the skin and it can become even dirtier because of the sweat and dead skin cells. Cigarette smoke can also be the reason for bad smell of your clothes. Ask your parents to stop smoking inside the house or inside the car.

Shoes and feet

Your shoes need proper maintenance, because they also can be the source of bad smell. You should take off your shoes when you come home and let them dry out. You can also clean them from the outside and the inside. It is easier when you use insoles, because you can wash them any time. That way, you can reduce bad odor coming from shoes. It is extremely important to wash your feet every day and pay attention on your toes. They should be washed thoroughly, particularly if you were using public showers or visited similar places. In that kind of places the possibility of getting some kind of infection is higher than usual and that is why washing your feet is so important.

Deodorants and antiperspirants

During early adolescence, most of the kids have the desire to use products that will make them smell nice. It is best not to spray these products, especially perfumes, in your room, because that can have negative effects on health. All of these products can’t replace a shower bath. It is much better to wash your body regularly than to replace shower with perfumes.

Hair and teeth

Hair also must be washed regularly, because otherwise it will become greasy and won’t look nice. Use any kind of shampoo to wash your hair, and afterwards you can use conditioner if you want. It is very important to wash your teeth two times per day, the first time after breakfast and the second time before bedtime.

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