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Body acne solutions

Lots of people in the United States suffer from this problem. Unlike the face acne, body acne are not that easy to treat and are more pronounced. Pimples, deep bumps, cysts, blackheads and whiteheads are the manifestations of acne. In most cases it is the chest, shoulders, back and face where the acne attack. Almost all people experience this problem during their adolescence and puberty years. When the sebaceous glands produce way too much oil the pores on the skin get blocked and that is when acne appear. However, this is not the only reason why the pores get blocked. It can occur because of some infection or dead skin cells. Another reason why a person might end up with acne is if he or she wears tight clothes that prevent the proper air flow to the skin pores. However, there are ways a person can prevent acne from appearing.

Hygiene is the key

Lack of hygiene is considered to be one of the main reasons why a person gets acne. A person should regularly wash both his or her body and the clothes. Anti bacterial soap is an excellent choice since it is both effective and cheap. Experts recommend baths twice per day because it is the best ways to kill the harmful microorganisms. It is important that the clothes a person wears are neat and tidy.

Skin care products

In order to get rid of the body acne a person can use body acne wash. This product can be bought in the markets and it contains ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. Apart from this, there is a spray a person can use too. It has eucalyptus oil and mint leaf extracts in it. There are also products called acne cleansers and a person is supposed to apply them after he or she has used body wash products. These products should be applied to the skin with soft cloth.

Home remedies

Apart from the products a person can buy there are also some home remedies a person can use to cure the acne problem. Lots of people prefer these because they cause no side effects or allergies. Lots of people also agree on the fact that the best way to cure acne is by using natural acne cures.

Aloe Vera is good because it has anti-inflammatory properties. A person should intake more vitamins A and E because they are good for the skin. Before taking a bath a person can wash the face with rose water, honey and tomato pulp. In order not to get acne a person should avoid consuming oily, spicy and greasy food. Another important part of the process is that a person includes some exercises in the daily routine.

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