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How To Keep Healthy Feet

The feet need very little time and effort to stay healthy. Whenchoosing the shoes, take only those that fit you. Avoid uncomfortable shoes,although they might be very fashionable, your feet need to be comfortable soyou could walk properly.

When it comes to hygiene, wash your feet every day and keepthem dry after that. Before wearing the socks, make sure to completely dry thearea between the toes. Always use clean socks, to avoid fungi problems withyour feet. If you are wearing trainers, some suggest that you should avoidwearing them day after day, but you should dry a pair off for 24 hours beforeusing them again.

Feet Problems

Corns and callouses are areas of the foot with thick andhardened skin, usually caused by rubbing and irritation of the foot skin. Cornis name for this condition on the toe, but if this happens to any other part ofthe foot skin, it is called callous.

Ingrown toenail is often referred to as onychocryptosis. Thiscondition can provoke redness, swelling of the skin and pain, and some of thepatients suffering from this problem may also experience different infections.

Toenail fungus or onychomychosis can cause the change of colorand consistency of your toenails, making them thickened, loose or evencrumbled.

Athlete’s foot is fungal infection of the foot, known alsoas tinea pedis.

Plantar warts or plantar verucca are caused by viral infection.They are easily mistaken for the callouses, because the skin might get verythick over the wart. These warts may appear on any part of the foot or thetoes, and depending on the location, they may also be more or less painful forthe person.

Bunions are enlargements on the side of the foot near thebase of the big toe, and often these are bone deformities known as halluxabducto valgus. Tight shoes and activity are known to worsen this condition.

Flat feet may or may not cause any pain and discomfort forthe person. Painful problems can be treated, but if you have problem with only oneof your feet, you should consult your doctor, for something else could be actualreason for the flat foot.

Hammer toes, mallet toes or claw toes are all names for the deformityof the toe, causing curling up of the toe.

Achilles tendonitis is caused by the inflammation of Achillestendon. It can progress to thickening of the tendon or even tendon rupture.

Plantar fasciitis is the result of increased stress on thearch of the foot. People suffering from this problem experience inflammationand pain while on the bottom of the heel walking or standing, and some even inrest.

Neuroma is caused by irritation and inflammation of the nervein the foot. Patients usually report pain in the ball of their foot, whensuffering from neuroma.

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