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Feet health

Feet are parts of the body that we can rightly say suffer the most use, abuse and torture. So we have to be better with them and we have to treat them better. However, this is usually not the case. We should keep them moist and wear comfortable shoes but we generally do not do these things. We buy shoes that look good on us, neglecting the size and fit, which can lead to problems such as corns, blisters, calluses, and infections.

Tips for healthy feet

One piece of data may astound you but many consider it true. During our lifetime, we walk the distance enough to cover four trips around the world. So do not be surprised to experience some problems with your feet if you neglect their care. One of the reasons we neglect feet is because they are hidden during the biggest part of the day. But this can be dangerous, so try to maintain feet hygiene properly and regularly. We will try to help by giving you several tips you can use.

Every day, use mild soap and wash your feet. Do this for several minutes, but try to avoid soaking them, since this can disrupt the natural oils balance in the skin. Take care of the areas between the fingers and use soft and dry towel for drying the feet. Also, try to use pumice stone or foot file. It will help you to get rid of the hard skin. Using them after the bath will give the best results, but remember not to use them on wet feet and to use moisturizing cream afterwards. Cream can be applied every day. As the mater of fact, this should be a habit for those with dry feet. Be very careful not to miss any spot on the sole and the heel of the foot when applying the cream. Remember not to put the cream on the areas between the toes and the toenails. You can acquire the cream at the pharmacy.

The region between the fingers should be dry. For this, you can use cotton bud. Just put a little of surgical spirit with a cotton bud on these areas and this will keep them dry. Doing this on daily basis will reduce the chances of athlete's foot and sogginess. Nails should be neat and trimmed. Use scissors or clippers and remember to leave 2 or 3 mm of the nail at the tip. Always wear proper and fitting shoes. If you experience any kind of a problem, remember that the best thing you can do is to visit the podiatrist. He will identify the problem and treat it accordingly.

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