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Nail fungus represents parasites thatmight inhabit our finger area below the nail. Many people are noteven aware that they have these parasites but they inhabit him or hernevertheless. Quite easy to move and transfer to other fingers, ourother arm or leg they are hard to fight against and stop since whenhidden behind a nail they are completely protected and free to growand develop.

One can get nail fungi quite easily, bysharing a nail clipper or some other item for nail care with a personwho has these parasites or by living in a humid space while oftenwalking bare footed. These fungi mostly live in our bathrooms sincethey present ideal conditions for their breeding. People who hurttheir nails or fingers in any way are in more danger of gettinginfected with these organisms.

Causes and possible reasons

As mentioned above, low immunity opensthe door to these pestering organisms. One should clip his or hernails carefully not to create wounds or cracks since these create apossibility for a small infection good enough for the nail fungi tochoose this place as their breeding grounds. It goes without sayingthat nail biting only makes things worse and increases the risk ofinfection.

Working surroundings also play animportant role. If you work in a damp or moist place, make sure youwear something on your feet since walking barefooted in such placescan present an excellent opportunity for these organisms to inhibityour nails. These fungi live around swimming pools, locker rooms andsuch surroundings so pay extra attention while there.

Sometimes, nail polish may be of badquality and damage your nails; make sure you change the polish andtake care of them in such cases.

Manifestations and symptoms

Namely, once inhibited by these fungi,your nails may smell, their quality decreases significantly makingthem more fragile, doing things which involve using your fingers maybe very painful and causing discomfort. Also your toenails may hurtwhile wearing shoes. Discoloration is often a very clear symptom.

Prevention and possible remedies

Proper self-hygiene is the bestprevention. Keep your hands and your feet dry and clean at all timespossible. Along with that, make sure you wear proper shoes which fityou right. Additionally change socks regularly and keep them cleanas well as your other footwear. Make sure your footwear is made ofnon-synthetic materials and that they provide enough ventilation toprevent feet from sweating.

Finally, if the infection ispersistent, the best thing is to seek professional help rather thantrying to solve the problem yourself since in most cases it onlymakes things worse. Rather let your doctor prescribe you an adequatetherapy and be sure that the results will be more than positive.

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