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What are the skin tags?

The skin tags are actually the flashy skin formations that emerge and hang from the surface of the skin and they look like small bumps, usually of the same color as the rest of the skin. They are certain types of the tumors, since there is certain abnormality in their growth, but they are harmless. Although they are not among the serious health problems, any accompanying symptom is not included and it is only the great misconception that they are, in fact, the malign tumors, they are unsightly and that is why a lot of the people have them removed.

Although the direct provoker of these formations remains unknown, it is believed that they are the result of the friction between the areas of the bent skin and that is why they are most likely to appear on the eyelids, armpits, groins, neck and under the breasts. Also, it is true that they are prone to appear mostly among the somewhat older population, and among the diabetes patients. Additionally, it is also believed that the resistance to insulin has a lot to do with this problem. Nevertheless, the hereditary factor of risk shouldn’t be neglected, since the researchers have shown that the skin tags could be tightly related to the HPV.

Conventional and homemade treatment

As far as the conventional treatment is concerned, the most common procedures are the extraction with the scalpel, the removal with the laser rays, the treatment of freezing these blemishes and cutting them off with the use of the electric impulses. However, when it comes to the less invasive intervention, that is, the homemade treatment, the most usually performed is the simple removal with the sterile scissors and after putting the antiseptic agent onto the skin tag. Besides that, one could simply wrap some sterile filament around the stalk of the pendant formation and just wait till it comes off by itself.

However, when we talk about even less invasive interventions, there are some beneficial folk remedies for those unsightly bumps. One of the most effective are the apple cider vinegar, the oil extracted from the tea tree and the thick mask that is made on the basis of the baking soda and the castor oil. These remedies should be put over the spots at least two times on a daily basis. Nevertheless, a lot of the people found out that the nail polish can even be the best solution, or the simple use of the adhesive tape (which should be kept over the tag for about 72 hours) could be also effective in the removal of these tags. Of course, before trying any of these folk advices, one should really be positive that there is the case of a tag, and not a mole, for example.

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