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The skin which is likely to be affected by acne

As already well known, the outbreak of acne is the skin problem almost everyone experiences at least once in the lifetime. These unsightly blemishes are troublesome especially among the people whose skin type is the beneficial surrounding to be affected by the bacterial infection, so we can talk about the troublesome and the skin likely to be affected by acne. Most commonly, acne tend to appear on the oily skin and the skin of the individuals who experience the hormonal imbalance during the period of puberty, when there is the increased secretion of the sebum in the skin pores and the hormones responsible for the acne outbreak.

However, the excessive emotional pressure, the unhealthy eating regime or some harmful substances from the artificial medications may as well be the provokers of the abnormal production of the oil from the skin glands and, therefore, the problem of being affected by this skin problem.

Fortunately, there are a lot of the available cosmetic products for getting rid of acne on the market, which are designed particularly for the skin type that is most likely to suffer from acne. However, the key to the successful and permanent dealing with this problem lies in keeping the skin clean, and that way disabling them from appearing in the first place. Also, the process cleansing is the basis of the removal of already existing acne, since the infection is to be treated with the antiseptic agents.

The most valuable cleaning agents

Anyway, any effective product, doesn’t matter if homemade remedy or the cosmetic product, should contain some active cleaning agents that will wash the pores thoroughly. Nevertheless, they should be combined with the agents that provide enough of the humidity and elasticity to the skin, since the cleansing substances may be pretty aggressive.

However, one of the most effective ingredients is benzoyl peroxide and this chemical provides enough of the oxygen to the skin pores and thus lowers the possibility of the bacterial infection and the blockage of the pores. Also, salicylic acid is very beneficial for the treatment of acne, because it removes the parts of the dead skin, and it, as well, therefore, reduces the possibility of the blockage of the pores. Both these chemicals, if used excessively, can lead to the decreased quality of the skin, by making it significantly drier and that is usually manifested as the irritation of the skin.

As far as the natural remedies are concerned, the most effective for cleaning the skin are the teabags of the green tea that should be soaked into the water and the facial skin should be massaged with them. Also, for the same purpose, lavender should be used additionally since it encourages the regeneration of the skin, along with cleansing it effectively.

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