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What are the zits?

Zits is the common name for the formations which are medically referred to as the pimples, which are, actually the small elevations on the skin, caused by the ongoing inflammatory process in them. They are among the most common skin problems, and they are natural accompanying condition of the adolescence and the puberty, which are characterized by the increased secretion of the hormones. So, these small bumps are likely to emerge from the surface of the skin, as the result of the bacterial entrance and settling into the greasy pores, already filled with abnormal amount of the liquid substance, called sebum.

They are very annoying, and a lot of people has rather intense urge to pop them out, but it almost always leads to the inevitable scarring. Nevertheless, besides the most common types of acne, such as whiteheads, blackheads and open and closed comedones, there is the most painful type of them all, which are the simple zits located beneath the surface of the skin. And, this type of the pimples are especially painful if they are touched, not to mention the pain experienced when trying to pop one out.

However, they are filled with pus, but they are the closed formations and that is why they should be considered as the cysts. Additionally, it is very important to know that such the cysts are in the majority of the cases provoked by the excessive secretion of the hormones, and, therefore, the excessive concentration of the grease and sebum in the affected place.

So, the excessive greasy liquid blocks the pores and the bacteria (in most of the cases, the one called Propionibacterium settles in the cyst) ends up into the skin, which is beneficial surrounding for its multiplication, and the consequence is the inflammation with accompanying symptoms of the swelling, redness, and pain.

The treatment for the zits

However, when it comes to dealing with this type of the pimples, one should, first of all, lessen the chances of the possible blockage of the pores, and, of course to engage in the proper and frequent hygiene of the skin, especially if it is naturally oily. Nevertheless, in the cases of the severe condition, the specialist will prescribe the drugs that annihilate the bacteria. In all the other cases, such the pimples could be removed by the use of the homemade natural remedies.

Those remedies are, of course, rich in the agents and substances that successfully kill the bacteria, and the most effective are the honey, the juice from the lemon, the baking powder (should be diluted into water before put on the skin), the powdered turmeric, and, of course the good hydration of all the organism, and hence, the skin, which is the basis of the treatment. Also, eating more fresh veggies and fruits and staying away from the greasy and processed foods will help a lot. Popping the zits out is also to be avoided, since it can worsen the infection.

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