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Take a closer look at the skin tags

Skin tags are the protuberant, pendant and pimple-like formations, and they are the manifestation of the skin problem which is medically called acrochordon. They are, in fact, the tumors, but, fortunately, the non-malignant ones. They usually appear on the spots on the body which are characterized by the folds, which is why the most likely provoker of their formation is the friction between two parts of the skin. That is why this condition is widely spread among the women who just had a delivery, among the elderly people who have wrinkles, and among obese people. Nevertheless, since there is not the direct cause of this skin problem, it is even assumed that possibly the genetic factor plays a significant role in their incidence.

Although they resemble a lot the formations over the skin surface caused by the Human Papilloma Virus and, therefore, they may look terrifying, they are completely harmless. However, a lot of the people tend to remove them from either because they are the unsightly blemishes, or because they could interfere daily life. It is even better not to remove them at all, that is, if there’s not any excessive need for that.

How to deal with them when they appear on the groin?

But, they are very troublesome especially when they are located in the area between the legs since the thin and delicate skin of the groin is more susceptible to all the kinds of the skin irritations. Moreover, similarly as the tags on the genitals, they can get in the way of the normal sexual intercourse, because of the increased friction during these activities. Then, they can even become aching, and at this point, there is the big motive to get rid of them.

Fortunately, as far as the available treatments for this skin problem are concerned, they are very effective. Those are the surgical procedures and the most commonly performed, concerning this matter is the procedure of literally killing them with the use of the method of freezing them. This procedure is medically called the cryotherapy since the tags are treated with very low temperature. This intervention is still less invasive than the simple surgery of cutting the tags off. This one is performed by the use of the specific suture which is wrapped around the root of the hanging formation, and thus, the tag dies naturally, or, can be removed by the scalpel.

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