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Facts about Skin Tags

Skin tags are those tiny growths which may appear on the surface of human skin. Usually, they may appear on your armpits, neck, groins and eyelids. Even though they might resemble moles, skin tags are quite different. They are tiny and usually the same color as the skin. These are benign skin growths and are not related to cancer in any way, nor do they cause pain and irritation. Therefore, they can be easily removed by following some of the following methods mentioned below. However, before learning how to get rid of skin tags, we should learn more facts about them.

These growths usually appear on older people and are usually due to skin rubbing. Risk groups for developing skin tags are people who suffer from diabetes, since these growths are connected with insulin resistance, also, pregnant women may experience skin tags on their body as well as obese people. These are usually related to hormonal activities even though, in rare cases, a virus may cause them appearing.

How to Remove Skin Tags?

Medically, skin tags may be removed by different procedures. They may be treated with specific chemicals, electric current or liquid nitrogen. Also, one may get rid of skin tags by exposing them to a laser surgery. However, they are not advised to be removed unless they cause problems. Still, many people desire skin tags gone due to aesthetic reasons.

On the other hand, those who do not want to pay for these expensive procedures may want to try different skin tag removal methods that can be done at home. Simply, you might cut this growth off with a pair of disinfected scissors, making sure you disinfect the whole area afterwards, or you might tie a small thread to the base of the skin tag, blocking its blood supply, causing it to fall off on its own in a day or two.

Also, applying apple cider vinegar or apple tree oil over the skin tag 2-3 times a day will cause it to fall off eventually. Making a paste from castor oil and baking soda and using it for these purposes is good as well. Simply enough, some people just apply a piece of duct tape over the skin tag, leave it for a day or two and witness their growth gone along with the removed tape. Still, be careful when removing this and consult with your doctor beforehand since they might be moles or some malign growths which should be treated in a different way.

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