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Small, Benign Skin Growths

Skin tags are very common in thehuman population. Namely, they are likely to appear onthe skin of every second person. As fortheir causes, medicine has not yet dedicated enough time for studyingthese growths in order to come up with a precise answer. This is probably dueto benign, harmless character of skin tags. Still, there are certainassumptions related to the creation of skin tags. Some of these arementioned throughout the lines below.

Causes of Skin Tags

The fist thing connected with skin tagsis heredity. Namely, if parents are prone to developing these growthson the surface of their skin, their child will likely be prone toskin tags too. However, most cases of skin tag appearance affectpeople who are middle aged.

Another risk group, as far as skin tagsare concerned, are obese people. This is speculated to be due to theexcessive body weight, causing the extra layers of skin to rubagainst each other, resulting in the development of skin tags. Theseusually appear on the neck, armpits and groin area in obese people.Moreover, obese women may have skin tags appear under their breastsas well.

Another common cause of skin tags ispregnancy. Women, while in this period tend to develop these growthsunder their breasts, under the arms and on the neck. Luckily, oncethe pregnancy is over, the skin tags usually disappear on their own.

Additionally, hormonal imbalances, skinrubbing, insulin resistance, diabetes type 2 and certainmicroorganisms all can be behind the appearance of skin tags on one'sbody.

For those whose skin tags arepersistent, there are certain ways of removing them. The most commonare exposing them to liquid nitrogen and removing them while frozen or cutting them off and disinfecting the area adequatelyafterward. Both of these methods are performed at a hospital or amedical facility. Laser removal can also be an option.

Still, taking into consideration thatthese growths are completely harmless, they should not be trifledwith if not necessary. Therefore, unless your aesthetic appeal isjeopardized by a skin tag, or it starts behaving strangely, changingsize, color and shape, you should not touch it or removeit. Usually, after a certain time, skin tags fall of on theirown. Still, for prevention purposes, you should have your skin tagsexamined if they look suspicious.

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