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What is eczema?

Eczema is actually the disorder, or to be more precise, the type of the skin irritation, manifested as the apparition of the numerous small reddish and blister-like formations. Additionally, this skin problem is accompanied and aggravated by the change in the quality of the skin, which tends to become flaky (the scales usually fall off) and covered with the patches of the noticeable inflammatory process, over the surface of the skin. Among the most prominent following troubles, the most irritating and sometimes unbearable is the chronic itch. Apart from that, the mentioned little formations are prone to crack and, in those cases, the inevitable unsightly discharge appears.

So, the skin which has become abnormally dry needs its treatment, and the depletion of the basic nutrients could be healed by the use of the remedies in the forms of creams or ointments. So, for the urgent nourishment of the skin, and, on the other hand, for the encouragement of the process of the regeneration, the skin products based on the corticosteroids will not only alleviate the symptoms by making the skin smooth and youthful, but, they will directly heal the lesions, by lessening the inflammatory process. Nevertheless, since these products are based on very potent agents and substances, they mustn’t be used on the longer run, and that is why the diluted forms are intended for applying them on the facial skin. The most effective creams

Some of the most popular corticosteroids, which can be bought without any prescription are Celestoderm, Cyclocort, and Lubriderm. The last one mentioned, however, is suitable for the children, since it is not as invasive as the others, and provides the effective alleviation of the itch on a longer run. The moisture would be locked up into the skin most effectively if this cream is put directly on the skin, right after taking a bath or a shower.

Another beneficial cream is the one called Nutraderm, and it ceases the advancing of eczema by nourishing the skin with enough of the humidity. Nevertheless, the most popular cream is the very well known Nivea product, which also makes the skin more smooth and gentle, and such effect is due to the agents that improve the elasticity of the skin and solve the problem of the depletion of the moisture into it, and it is also quickly absorbable. Additionally, it is also very suitable and safe for the infants and the newborns.

And finally, it should be pointed out that putting on too much of a corticosteroid cream can lead to the harmful consequences. It is enough to apply them two times on a daily basis.

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