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Treating Skin Tags

Skin tags, except being visible on thesurface of your skin, being visually unwanted, present no other typesof threats. Like moles, skin tags are nothing more than benigntumors. Therefore, once you know how to remove them safely, you mightdo that without fearing any consequences. The only precaution youhave to make is to make sure your skin tag is not a malignant tumor.Track your skin tags. If you notice any changes in size, color orshape, or experience some rapid metamorphosis regarding these skinmarks, seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

How to Remove Skin Tags?

The first step in the removal processinvolves using tea tree oil. This excellent remedy is to be appliedonto a cotton ball; you have previously soaked in water. Three dropswill suffice. Just make sure that you had your skin tag cleansed withwater and soap beforehand. Then, apply the tea tree oil by gentlyrubbing it on with the cotton ball. Repeating this three times a dayfor several days will cause your skin tag to fall off.

Alternatively, in the same manner, youmight use Dermisil, which is an herbal extract. Also, you might createa paste by mixing castor oil with baking soda. Then, apply the pasteonto the skin tag.

Another method which is widely usedaround the world, however strange a recipe it might seem, is usingfingernail polish for skin tag removal. Namely, all you have to do isapply it onto the skin tag three times a day until it falls off. Manypeople tie a string around the base of the skin tag, leaving it therefor several days, cutting off the blood flow to the skin tag, causingit to dry out and fall off.

You might use the all-mighty duct tapefor these purposes too. All you have to do is stick a small piece ofduct tape over the skin tag, wait for it to start falling off on itsown, and stand amazed once it removes your skin tag along with it.Exposing the skin tag to vitamin E can make it fall off, creating yetanother effective way for removal of these skin anomalies.

Some people have no patience for theabove mentioned processes and desire to get rid of skin tags quicklyand effectively. They might cut it off with scissors, making surethey disinfect both the scissors and the skin tag afterwards.Finally, exposing your skin tag to apple cider vinegar or bloodrootpaste will make it go away in no time.

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