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What are the herpes blisters?

The blisters are the formations filled with fluid (pus) which are the most prominent and among the first signs of the outbreak of this viral disease, called herpes. Those formations are likely to appear in the group and they are usually located on the line of the lip, or on the surface of the foreskin, in the case of the genital herpes, for instance. When we talk about the formations in the area of the genitals, apart from the discomfort caused by the existence of such the formation alone, the pain is the most pointed out following trouble of this condition.

Similar is the case of the blisters on the mouth, but the pain could be, actually, called the soreness and rather described as the burning sensation. However, the more serious and therefore more painful as well are the blisters which are the result of the infectious process induced by the herpes type 2. The both types, the type 1 and 2, are chronic conditions and the blisters can even stay on the affected area after the virus leaves the organism. Additional trouble is that, when blister finally goes away, there is an increased possibility of scarring.

Of course, one of the most prominent characteristics of these formations is the tendency to become bigger and to more and more pus tends to settle in them. That period lasts about 14 days, and, after that, often the rupture of the blister occurs and the content from it makes the new formation again. And, that is the reason why the itch is the accompanying sensation of the sore. Nevertheless, such the formation mustn’t be squeezed, because, at this point, it will regenerate easily. Also, in this period, the infection is very easily transmittable.

The conventional treatment

So, squeezing is not recommendable, the medical advice should be sought right away and the affected individual should restrain him or herself from the sexual intercourse, since this infection can be easily passed on to another individual, especially thanks to the blister.

When it comes to the treatment, the virus itself can be annihilated, as well as the symptoms. Of course, every kind of the blister and thus, herpes, has its own appropriate therapy, but, the prescribed medications are mainly focused on the removal of the blister, on the annihilation of the triggers, that is viruses, in the organism, and on reducing the possibility of the infection coming back again. But, as far as the removal or just lessening of these annoying formations is concerned, the good old ice will provide the alleviation from the pain and itch, and it will minimize the swelling. Also, the substance which could be found in the teas, and which is called tannin, is very beneficial in ceasing the growth of the infection.

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