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What are skin tags?

Skin tags, also known as acrochorn, are tiny knobs that look like small pieces of hanging skin that are generally smaller than 1.3cm in size. They are most commonly the same color as the skin, but some may appear darker. Skin tags are soft and they are flexible. Most commonly affected areas are armpit, region under the breasts, neck, groin and eyelids.

Causes of skin tags

Skin tags are benign and they have no connection with illnesses, diseases or infections. One cannot prevent the development of acrochorns, because they form in a natural way. Some people are simply more suitable to develop skin tags, and this especially counts if the person is pregnant, older, has a couple of extra pounds or has a history of this condition in a family. Skin tags are not cancerous and once it fully develops it is a permanent mark on the body.

Reasons for removal

Skin tags do not cause any annoyance or pain. They are painful and they are not associated with cancer. Actually, there is no real medical reason to advise skin tag removal. A decision to remove a skin tag is completely a personal decision. Some of the most common reasons for doing so are that the tag is being irritated by clothing, it is being caught in jewelry or zippers, it grew on a conspicuous place so that it causes embarrassment, or it may simply appear in mass with other tags and look extremely unattractive.


Going to dermatologist can be quite expensive, but there are also some easy and proven home remedies and self-help methods to remove skin tags.

The method of using a dental floss or thread is the first method to be considered. The method is usually painless. One should tie up the skin tag at the base with dental floss or a thread, and snip off the skin tag with the scissors. Nail clippers may also be used. It is important to sterilize the equipment before use, and make sure that the tools are sharp enough.

Method of drying up the skin tags with castor oil and baking soda is less painful but quite effective. Castor oil and baking soda should be mixed together until they form a gooey paste. The paste should be applied at least three times a day on the skin tags. It usually takes around two weeks until the skin tags dry up and die off.

After the removal, peroxide or antibacterial medication should be applied to the wound.

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