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The problem of the stones in the kidneys is very common, especially in the Caucasians and among the male population. They are, actually, made out of the calcium, of course, in the combination with some more substances; and they tend to settle into the urinary tract or in the kidney. They can be of the different shapes and the sizes and the most painful ones are with the sharp edges. That is, the pain is felt only when the formation starts to move and that is why, in many cases, a lot of the people aren’t even aware that they suffer from this condition until it changes its location from some reason.

Nevertheless, the worst kind of the pain is felt when the stone blocks the passage for the urination and thus forces the kidneys to swell. At that point, the unexpected, sharp and unbearable pain is felt and it is aggravated with every movement.

First of all, in order to deal with these formations, it is important to know which foods are rich in the substances that could make the stone. Some of the richest sources of oxalate and calcium are spinach, nuts, cocoa, pepper, tea and rhubarb, so they are to be stay away from, if suspecting on the bigger chances of being affected by this problem. Also, these hard formations are frequently composed out of magnesium, phosphate and ammonium, and, in that case, they are called the infection stones, since they infect all the urine.

However, sometimes the genetics can play the biggest role. The stone is then formed as the result of the increased secretion of some amino acids. On the other hand, the common trigger of the formation of the kidney stones can as well be the increased production of the waste product of the metabolic process, called the uric acid. This acid accumulates due to the excessive concentration of the proteins in the organism.

How to deal with the stones?

When it comes to the natural and the non-invasive treatment based on the beneficial herbs, the most frequently used remedies are the teas, which have shown to be very effective in the gradual decomposition of the stone(s). One of the most successful teas for getting rid of this problem is the one based on cramp bark, wild yam and hydrangea, which should be added in the 250ml of the boiled water, and then all that should be cooked for one quarter of an hour on the low heat. After that, corn silk, the leaves from yarrow and plantain and the Joe-pye weed should be added to the tea to infuse for one third of an hour and it should be drunk cold, at least 3 cups of it on a daily basis.

Also, the tea based on the corn silk and dandelion, and the other one based on the wild herb goldenrod, are very popular folk remedies for decomposing the stone.

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