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Many people around the world donot know what a skin tag is. All it is a piece of skin that is rather small andit is protruding or hanging from the surface of the rest of the skin in thatarea. They can sometimes grow and depending on where they are situated they cancause irritation against clothes that are rubbing. For some people they can bethe color of their natural skin and for others they can be hyper pigmented, oreven darker than the encircling flesh. Sometimes they are flat whilst othershang off the skin by a something that looks like a stalk which is called apeduncle. For the majority they are a few millimeters long in diameter. Howeverthey can fluctuate in their size from a pinpoint to the size of a grape.

Who Gets Skin Tags

Skin tags can also be known inthe medical world as acrochordon and they can and will appear on any part ofthe body they choose to. Although the most common places for them to be locatedare the eyelids, nose, cheek, neck, armpits, upper chest, and the groin area.They are in no way connected to any form of illness or disease and they arealso benign. Skin tags are usually seen more in women than in men, particularlyon those women who are pregnant. Skin tags will usually increase as a persongets older or larger.

Skin Tag RemovalTreatments

In the past years the treatmentwas to simply tie a piece of thread around the base of the skin tag and waitfor it to die off naturally and fall off, this would happen because of the lackof blood supply to it. It is now known, however, that this method is not thebest idea as it can sometimes cause an infection to rise up. Obviously nowadaysthe safest and the most recommended way to remove a skin tag are to see yourdoctor. The doctors can choose a few different methods for removal, such asburning it off, cutting it off, or freezing it off. For most people the idea ofany of these options isn’t exactly appealing.

Other Options for Removal

There are laser treatments thatwork by evaporating the unwanted tissue and at the same time simultaneouslyresurfacing the skin. You will finish with very little scaring to the area asit is very accurate.

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