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Once sign of wisdom and experience, wrinkles are today something everyone dreads, especially on face. Men and women try out expensive anti-age creams and serums, they undergo plastic surgery and inject poisonous Botox in their face in order to achieve younger and smoother look. Many people cannot afford those remedies, and facial exercise is the right choice for them.

Facial exercises for wrinkle reduction and prevention are free, natural and with no side effects whatsoever. They can be done without having to book an appointment, in privacy of the home, in the office, while watching TV, working, cooking or reading. This makes them perfectly convenient for everyone.

Best results against wrinkles are achieved if facial exercises are done once a day at least three times a week. Results of these exercises are amazing and if they become a regular habit, people will have trouble guessing the person’s real age.

Facial exercises come in groups, divided into exercises for eyes, neck, mouth, forehead, and cheeks, since these areas are the most afflicted by wrinkles.

Facial exercise for the eyes

In this exercise, a person needs to sit up with their back straight, relaxed, with closed eyes. With eyes closed, the eyebrows are lifted up while the eyelid is pulled down. This position is held for 5 seconds, and repeated 5 times.

Another way to do it is to keep the eyes open and look as far up as possible, without moving the head.

Facial exercise for the neck and throat

In order to tighten the neck muscles, the head should be tilted back facing the ceiling. In this position the mouth, which is closed, and the jaw are working as if the person is chewing. This should be repeated 25 times.

In the same position as before, the lips, instead of chewing, are pouting like extending a kiss. They stay in that position for 10 seconds, and the exercise is repeated 6 times.

Facial exercise for the lips and mouth

In the same position, sitting up with the back straight, the lips are puckered and lifted towards the nose, as closely as possible, for 10 seconds, repeating 10 times.

Alternatively, the lips are puckered for a kiss for 10 seconds, then relaxed, and the exercise is repeated 10 times.

Facial exercise for the forehead

In this exercise, the eyebrows are brought down and together as far as possible over the eyes, in a frowning expression, and then lifted far up with eyes wide opened, acting surprised. The exercise should be repeated 5 times.

Facial exercise for the cheeks

In order to tighten the cheek muscles, one should relax the face and make a nice smile. The cheeks are then sucked in against the jaw and the position is held for 10 seconds. This exercise should be repeated 8 times.

For best results, these exercises should become a daily routine and performed one after another, at least three times a week.

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