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The Troublesome Hip Pain

Hip pain is not a thing to be trifledwith. Namely, an injured hip may cause more discomfort than you canimagine, creating a need for medical assistance as soon as possible.However, hip pain may not be provoked by an injury to thehips at all. Rather, your hips may ache because of the problems youhave with your feet or knees. Once you experience pain in theseareas, you may modify your walking so as to reduce it. Thereby, youplace extra stress upon your hips and cause them to get injured inthe long run. Therefore, taking into consideration that everything isconnected, you should seek medical assistance as soon as youexperience pain and discomfort in any of these body parts. Yourdoctor will probably recommend resting and applying ice on the sorespots, reducing swelling and increasing mobility during therecuperation period. Additionally, once you begin to feel better, youmight incorporate some of many highly effective, yet light, hipexercises which will speed up your recovery process, making it betterat the same time. Still, your hip complications may be caused by someunderlying conditions and illnesses. Then, you are supposed to treatthese adequately before moving on to any other steps.

Exercises for Hips

The first exercise recommended for yourpurposes is hip extension. You may perform this exercise whilestanding close to a chair or some other object capable of providingyou balance in case of need. From a standing position, lift one footoff the ground and swing it backwards. Then, once you do this, holdit there for several seconds, before returning to the initialposition and repeating the same movement with your second leg. Tenrepetitions with each leg will suffice.

Next, is the hip abduction exercise.This one involves you standing straight and, then moving one ofyour legs to the side, lifting it, while keeping it completelystraight in the knee. Hold it for several seconds, return it to thestarting position and do the same thing with your other leg. Again,10 repetitions will be enough.

Another excellent exercise is calledthe wall slide. Here, you need to place your back against a wall,with your feet at the same width as your shoulders. Then, you are tolower your upper body slowly, until your knees are bent in a 45degree angle. Once achieving this, hold it for 5 seconds, return backup and repeat 5 times.

Finally, you might grab one of yourankles while bending your leg behind your back. From such a position,while holding onto a chair for balance, you are to maintain properposture, keeping your hips straight for a while, repeating the samething with the other leg.

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