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When it comes torunning, it is one of the best cardio aerobic exercises. It is a workout that has several positive effects on the body and some of those are fat burning, strengtheningof the muscles, better functioning of heart and lungs, increased energy, etc.But it has to be said that running does require some time and space. Spaceshould not be a problem since every gym has one or several treadmills, which do noteven cost much nowadays.


What would be somemajor running tips for beginners? Well, it has to be said that starting thistype of workout should be easy and moderate, not too intensive. This means thatrunning should be combined with walking. Not slow pace and not too fastwalking, but a brisk variation, which will not let the organism cool down but muscles will be allowed to rest a bit during that period. Why is walking important?Perhaps muscles of extremities can withhold the physical challenge of running,but there are also heart muscle and lungs. Those two will probably not be preparedfor this type of physical activity. In order to avoid heart rate going up toomuch and lungs not being able to exchange gases on the needed level, exercisesshould not be too strenuous in the beginning.

There are some smalldevices, timers that can be set on different times. For example, a couple ofminutes of running should be followed by one minute of walking.Starting/ending times can be marked with buzzing/vibrating of thementioned device. Another good tip considers the choice of clothing. In spiteof fact that tight clothes will induce more sweating, it will also lead into tiredness faster. This means that comfortable clothes is needed, clothes that will allow the flow of air along the skin surface, which should decreasesweating and evaporation. Also, a bottle of water should always be within thereach, just in case thirst becomes too strong, or if a practitioner sweats alot.

Advanced level

When the runnerbecomes more experienced, jogging can be splashed with sprints instead of walking.This variation is much more intensive and should not be done unless standardrunning pace did not become easy. For true cardio exercising fans, running andsprints must also be combined with strength forms such as push-ups andcrunches. This all has to be done fast and without any pause for the best possibletoning and fat burning effect. Running is a great exercise and it should be at least a small part of each training session.

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