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Running is an excellent exercise, which is great for the overallhealth of the organism. It reduces fat tissue, and what is also important is that itdoes that throughout the entire body, so it is also excellent for reducing thatobnoxious belly fat. Running increases endurance and creates a slim and leanbody. Running belongs to a cardio workout type because it utilizes oxygen inthe muscles for longer performance. This happens because oxygen prevents occurrenceof lactic acid, which is responsible for muscle tiredness.

A session

There is a slight difference between running indoors andoutdoors and the difference is in weather conditions. Usually, the temperature isnot the same; it might be higher or lower outdoors, depending on the season. Ifit is colder, more energy will be spent for warming up the body, thus morecalories will be burned. Also, if there is some wind that will cool the skinand sweating process will be performed much easier. And there is a difference regarding the percentageof oxygen, since it is usually much higher outdoors, which might mean that running canbe performed longer.

Good stretching before running is very important. Since theentire body is included in running, this means that most of the muscle groupsmust be stretched, but legs first, since they are used the most. So, ankles andknees must be warmed up and all major muscles stretched quads and calves. Hiparea must also be warm up and stretched, upper torso too. Neck should be includedin the stretching process, while arms are not that important.

As for running, it is important to know what is thegoal that needs to be achieved with this exercise. For example, if there isextra fat tissue present, it would be smart to change the pace of running fromtime to time. This means that sprints should be included in the process. This suddenchange of the pace will require a lot more energy and that increases fatburning process, which is important because otherwise, as with all other exercises, the body will become used to running and less calories will be spend, which is notthe point.

Running tips

It is not smart to wear tight clothes, right next to skin.This is because there will be no airflow in that area and sweating processwill be disturbed. This will also increase the temperature more than needed, which might end the exercise prematurely.

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