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Running to lose weight

Weight reduction process is required for those people who have problems with obesity. Obesity is slowly becoming widely spread across the entire globe, and it affects all cultures and social groups. Some experts say that obesity is nothing more than a defensive mechanism, something that helps dealing with stress and emotional problems. This might be partially true, but certain percentage of obese people has extra weight because of the problems with metabolism (for example, because of hypothyroidism). What are basic things that have to be done when it comes to losing weight?

Workout for weight loss

Basically, no matter what physical activity is used, calories will be spent, and if the food cannot provide it, the organism will have to compensate with the help of fat burning process. Actually, glycogen is depleted first, which happens relatively quickly, and after that, fat tissue is used as a source of much needed energy. For increased pace of fat burning, cardio workout is recommended. This is because cardio workout is based on the use of oxygen. Oxygen inflow is allowed because muscle contraction in cardio workout is slow. With oxygen present, lactic acid accumulates slowly and that enables people to exercise for a long time (with cardio workout type). Cardio workout includes running, swimming, aerobics, yoga etc. Running to lose weight is an excellent idea. This is because running is a natural movement and it activates almost the entire body and all muscle groups. Back muscles, abs, legs, even arms slightly are all included in the process of running. Running is something that also requires proper breathing, especially if it should last for a long time. Some recommend that the inhale should last two steps and the exhale also two steps. Breathing should be done through the nose because that will warm the air that enters the lungs, and also the dirt is stopped there.

Home workout

Running can be done at home too, with the help of treadmill. Incline and speed can be changed on the treadmill in order to create more intensive training session. Lately, similar device has become popular and it is called elliptical trainer. The motion performed is similar to ski walking and it puts more strain on arms. Many say that elliptical trainer is better than treadmill for weight loss because it utilizes more muscle groups and arms are also very active. Furthermore, it might be a bit safer for ankles, because feet are always on the pads without the presence of body pressure.

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