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Treadmill for Beginners

Treadmill is the machine made to force you to walk. It motivatesyou to go further and train your muscles. Although the people invented cars and motorcyclesin order to come faster from one place to another, good old walking survived inthe gym. The treadmill will make you walk for an hour or even more, and youwill push yourself further, to an additional mile. Some of the people workingon the treadmill will train for the marathon, other to stay fit and some willbe there in order to lose some extra pounds.

If you want to start losing some weight treadmill might beyour best friend in this battle. All your body needs to start burning thecalories are cardiovascular physical exercises, such as walking, jogging andrunning. These exercises involve large muscles of the body, such as legmuscles, which use more energy and burn more calories than some other muscles. Inthe gym, the most common cardiovascular exercises are the treadmill and theexercise bike.

Some people use the treadmill every day for 10 to 15 minutesand others do just the treadmill couple a days of the week. For the beginners,perhaps the best cardio training is about 20 minutes every day.

Walking on the Treadmill

Start with a speed of 5km/h and gradually increase the speedto around 6.5km/h so you can survive the 20 minutes of that pace. Take your ownrhythm and walk. It is especially good exercise for the people who nevertrained anything and also beneficial as the warm-up for all others.

Running on the Treadmill

If you are fit enough, you might skip the walking part andgo straight to the run on the treadmill. Start with light jog of about 10km/hand increase or decrease the speed of the treadmill machine, whatever you arecomfortable with. The specialists recommend running on the same pace for thewhole workout on the treadmill. Be careful not to exhaust or injure yourself.

Additional Functions

Treadmills also have an extra function. There is an incline function,which elevates the end of the machine, giving you the impression you arewalking or running uphill. It is more difficult then walking or running but italso burns much more calories. Treadmills may be adjusted to interval workout. Themachine sets the changes in the incline and you should adjust the speed of yourmovement. This type of exercise is also more challenging.

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