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Reaching a healthy state of mind and body is not easy.This means that a lot of things need to be done in order for success. Twothings that definitely must be included are regular physical activity and controlledeating.

Physical activity

Choosing a proper physical activity might not be as easyas it seems at first. It is important to make a schedule that can be successful,that will not make people wish they could skip a training session or start todislike exercising. Also, people need to think well before deciding whetherexercising will take place at home or in a gym. Both options have their goodsides, although we should emphasize gym more, whereas only if time schedule is verytight, home should be chosen.

Cardio and other activities

Cardio type of workout just might be the most importantform. This is a type of workout that utilizes oxygen in a muscle contraction process, which happens because muscle contraction in cardio workout is generally slow andthere is enough time for oxygen to be included in the process. This does nothappen with muscle mass building where fast contractions are present and thereis no time for oxygen to become active. In cardio exercises, presence of oxygenwill slow down the creation of lactic acid, which is the major reason why musclesbecome tired.


The simplest form of cardio exercise is running or wecan say jogging. Jogging is running with relatively slow tempo for as long aspossible. As for jogging tips to lose weight, the major one would be to changetempo from time to time. It does not have to be combined with sprints, butthere are different paces of jogging and all those should be included in one joggingsession. Why is this important? While performing any type of exercise, at somepoint, a body gets used to the physical stress and after a while, the sameexercise is done much easier with less energy needed. This is not good for theweight reduction process and therefore, the tempo has to be changed constantly.Also, even though some say that clothes for running should be skin tight,that is actually not the truth. With comfortable clothes, air flow will beallowed between the clothes and skin, which will allow the skin to breathe andwhich will postpone sweating. These two things prolong the exercise, whichautomatically increases the number of burned calories.

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