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When it comes to cardio exercises, one of the most effective techniques is running. This is because it activates the entire body, almost all muscle groups are engaged in this activity and a lot of calories can be burnt this way. This exercise is generally recommended for all those who want to lose some fat tissue and to shape the body. A form of running commonly used outside is jogging and it is actually running in a moderate pace, without tiring too much. This is why it can be performed for a long time, which is excellent for fat burning. For some extra effect, experts recommend to combine sprints with jogging. Sprinting out short distances occasionally while jogging will raise this exercise to a completely new level, which induces an increase of endurance, stamina and strength. The energy consumption is much higher this way, too.

Home workout

The problem is that many people simply do not have the conditions for jogging, sprinting etc. Besides, it might be that the closest running trek is simply too far away, which requires a treadmill as an excellent substitute. When buying a treadmill it is important to buy the one with possibility of changing the pace and the incline. Walking or running on the level ground is not the same as running uphill with a very high incline.

Another great exercising form is riding a bicycle. This is a motion similar to running but slightly different. While riding a bike, the torso is bent forward, which might activate back muscles more than while running. The arms are under constant strain, a light one though, because of holding the bike handles. On the other hand, since sitting is involved, no weight is pressuring the ankles and therefore, this might pose less harm for the organism than running. As for legs, the motions performed can be a lot faster than in running, which should shape the legs some more. Also, this exercise can be performed indoors with the help of exercise bike.

Bike Vs. treadmill

When it comes to exercise bike vs. treadmill effects, it is basically the same thing as outside form. Since both of the workout exercises are excellent fat burners and do not demand too much space in home for devices, whichever chosen, it will do nothing but good for the body. But it has to be mentioned that for additional shaping, these two exercises should be combined with some weight lifting. This will slightly increase the muscle mass, as well as overall stamina and endurance. This is because cross training induces many positive effects and thus should be performed as often as possible.

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